The GOP's Not-So-Impartial Hit Man

I just spent a few moments checking my e-mail. No one has jumped me about the swift boat veterans thing. The only e-mail I receive was from a cousin asking that I use a different e-mail address. I sent out a Salon.Com article by Joe Conason about John O’Neill, the founder of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, titled The GOP’s not-so-impartial hit man. I’d like to think that I’d made at least a couple of the people on that list stop and think about this issue. All in all, though, I just feel like I’m throwing pebbles down a deep, dark well. How do you reach people who stick their fingers in their ears and hum a lively tune whenever something comes along that doesn’t match their particular view of reality? My God! If people would just educate themselves about what’s really going on instead of trading their intelligence for Right-Wing talking points we might have a chance of reviving a genuine Democracy (and perhaps even electing a President as opposed to appointing one).

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