Bush Denounces Ads?

Today a USA Radio News anchor reporting on John Kerry calling on Bush to denounce the swift boat vets ads tacked on a comment of his own, saying in an off-handed way that “President Bush has already denounced the ads.” Umm. Excuse me? Whut? Bush has not denounced the ads. What he did was re-direct the issue by calling on Kerry to join him in calling for an end to all 527 ads. He has not, and will not, denounced the swift boat vets. Mainly because his administration has so many ties to them. It’ll be interesting in coming days and weeks to see just how many ties there are. But I don’t expect Bush to denounce the ads. I’m disturbed that USA Radio News has so many stories that get spun to the right. These news bits are played on the America Left channel on XM Radio, so yes, I take affront to them.

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