Yuppie And A Blow-Job

I-74 mm 143 eastbound. I just saw a yuppie in an SUV getting a blowjob. I didn’t see anything (nor would I have wanted to), but it was clear what was going on (her head was going up and down in his lap and his hand was on the back of her head). I tooted the city horn, which didn’t seem to affect them. Maybe I should have blown the air horn. I can’t say why, really, but this disturbed me a little bit. Not that someone was getting head. There was just something in the guy’s bearing. He was sitting there in the driver’s seat like a king being serviced by a peasant. But I guess that just goes back to my long-standing issues with yuppies and their self-important attitudes. All in all, it should suffice to say that I’ve seen a lot of things on the road and haven’t blinked twice at most of it, but for some reason I felt sorry for the woman.

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