Provisionally Approved

Paul Yale from Central Carolina Bank called this morning. He told us that our house loan had been provisionally approved. We’re supposed to take our 2002-2003 W2’s, our house insurance info and the last few weeks pay statements out to Sandy Stone at the local branch next Monday. We’ll sign some papers, as well. If everything goes right, we’ll finalize the loan with the lawyers Cloninger & Neisler on the 20th. I’m a little worried that Cloninger & Neisler will come up with a bunch of stuff that’ll cost us money. I just don’t trust them. Anyway, things are looking up.
You know, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that we’ve been talking to Paul Yale at all. We had told Sandy Stone several times that we were going to come out and talk to her about getting this loan rolling again. We couldn’t get it last year because Mama has several judgements against, and since the house was in her name all those had to be paid. Well, this year it’s different. Now the house is in our name, those judgements no longer apply and our credit has been somewhat cleaned up.

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