Thinking About Dawg

I just sent my old friend, Kevin Galloway (“Dawg”) a note from the satcom. He never writes me back, but I want to stay in touch anyway. I’ll admit that he doesn’t much act like he wants me to, but he hasn’t told me to fuck off, either. So until he does I’ll do what I can to stay in touch.
I sometimes wonder if Dawg thinks I don’t want to stay in touch because we don’t go see them. No one understands how brutal it is for Mara and I to drive 6,000 miles a week. We desperately need our downtime. Friends get left out sometimes because what we wind up doing is simply re-charging and relaxing. We don’t want to get out and do things and see people, because we’re always on the go when we’re on the road. I wish there were some way that our friends and family could conceive of what it takes to drive 6,000 miles in 6 days every week. But how do you share that experience?
I hope Dawg doesn’t give up on me. But I find myself wishing that if he does have a problem with me, that he’d just tell me.

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