Raping Iraqi Babes

I just heard about some sick fucks. The web site was called Iraqi Babes. It was a site that reportedly showed Iraqi women being raped by American soldiers. It was fake. The men and women on the site were all porn-actors. The site was taken down because Arab media got hold of these pictures and were reporting them as real. So no one had a problem with it until the Arab media started making something out of it.
Myself, I have a moral problem with it. Not with pornography. I couldn’t give a shit. But the idea that some sick fuck is getting off to images of someone being raped. That kind of person falls under the category of someone who should be killed for the general good of mankind. If you can get off on the torture of another human being, real or imagined, you’re one sick fuck.

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10 years ago

fom my quarters, i can hear adolf, karl, winston, dwight, and a lot of the others talking about the orders they gave to their soldiers during war time. lucifer was quite dumfounded by these atrocities. he said he is going to transfer them as soon as possible.
yes my friend i agree with you . rape is rape. it is horrendous. it is an act of terrorists of which the USA and UK are the biggest culprits. please read about the rape of german women during world war 2 and you will be convinced