A Hotel In Cincinnati

Going to sleep. We’re at a Red Roof Inn in Cincinnati, Ohio. To make a long story short, we’re here because the truck is in the shop. On the way back to North Carolina the truck started making a terrible squealing sound. Mara stopped at the TA in Florence, Kentucky. They couldn’t determine what was wrong with it, except that our alternator belt was kind of loose. Mara conferred with Breakdown at U.S. Xpress, and they said that it was probably the belt tensioner. This was something that had to be repaired at a Volvo shop. Ray gave us the option of taking the truck down to North Carolina and putting it in at the Volvo in Hickory, or taking it up to Cincinnati. Mara didn’t think we would make it to North Carolina, so drove up to Volvo in Cincinnati. Good thing, too. Volvo determined that our turbo was only beind held onto the engine by 2 of what was supposed to be 6 bolts. They said that the turbo would have come off soon, and that it was a good thing we stopped.
Anyway, Volvo determined that they couldn’t repair it before yesterday morning, so they gave us a lift over here. Then yesterday morning we found out that because the problem was caused by the Cummins shop in Knoxville, Cummins Corporate was determined that they were going to repair it. This meant that Cummins wanted to tow the truck to their shop in Cincinnati. We waited most of the day for them to do that.
Fine by us. It gave us time to cool out. Fool around. We watched Spider-Man 2, ate some pizza. Sure, we lost money, but I’ve yet to meet a truck driver who really minds getting to relax and kick back. It’s nice to sleep in a real bed.

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