Pioneer SACD Player

We’re so strange. I ordered a Pioneer SACD player a week or so ago. It came in while we were out last week. It’s been sitting on top of the television for several days. I haven’t hooked it up or really even looked at it. Geez. How jaded are we?
Well, I hooked it up tonight. We’re heading back out in the morning. I knew that if I didn’t check it out I’d kick myself all week for being such a lazy bastid. The only SACD we have is Roger Waters’ In The Flesh live album. A live album isn’t the best thing to check with. I was disappointed at first. I guess I was expecting some profound difference, but it was more subtle than that. The first thing I noticed was that I had to back off of the bass. Then I noticed how much more dynamic the cymbals were, and I started noticing details in the sound of the bass drum, etc. The differences are things that have to sink in. But once you realize how much more aural information you’re taking in, SACD is nothing short of amazing.
Now we just have to get some better speakers (grin).

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