Human Beings Are Such Horrible Creatures

Just got out of the TA in Florence, Kentucky. That’s a truckstop. We had to have our PM (preventative maintenance) done, and this is where we usually get it. I sat in the food court while I waited. While I was there I had to endure a yuppie family that was sitting around a table, making fun of just about everyone who came in (but especially the truck drivers). I called Mama while I was sitting there, and while we were talking I made a point of mentioning that I was sitting beside a horrible yuppie family, and mentioned that I imagined that it was nice to be so high up on the evolutionary scale that you could sit there and make fun of people. That got a few looks from the yuppies, which I stared down. Christ, this job has done nothing for my faith in humanity. Human beings are such horrible creatures.

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