What A Day. What A Week.

What a day. Hell. What a week. Yesterday morning I got sick and Mara slightly damaged the faring on the truck. Then this morning in Corbin, Kentucky there was smoke coming out from from under the hood, which turned out to be our air conditioner compressor burning up. We waited about 6 hours for a guy to come fix… our alternator. :-/ The A/C compressor is still busted, but we have a new alternator. USX got us to cut the compressor belt and drive to Cincinnati for repairs. Then, while in the Volvo lot, Mara swung around and hit a trailer with our truck. She insists that the damage is “cosmetic” but there’s a hole in the fiberglass and the hood won’t open. So we’re going to a hotel. What a way to kick off a new year, huh?

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