Into The Gaping Maw Of Hell

Another day, another march into the gaping maw of Hell. Okay, so when compared to what parts of the world are going through, our trials are inconveniences. But we still dread this upcoming week. Or at least I do. There’s another rejected trailer sitting at our Bedford Park customer. Ray said he was going to talk to someone today to complain that this is getting ridiculous. But however it works out, or whatever effect this conversation might have on the outcome, in the end we’ll be the ones who have to deal with this bullshit.
In short, we got home around 09:30 or 10:00 yesterday. As I always do, I had hoped earlier in the week that we might get home early for a change. Or at least get home around our usual time, which is around 03:00 or 04:00 (and which I used to complain bitterly about). Thanks to the assholes in Bedford Park, we may get in late next week, too. And knowing that makes it hard to put your head up and sally forth with anything resembling a decent attitude.

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