Sending Us To Arkansas

We’re about to head out again. We’re both in a better mood than usual because Ray is sending us to Arkansas on our first trip out. That means that we won’t have to deal with the assholes in Bedford Park, Illinois until later in the week. Our 2nd trip will be back to North Cove, 3rd will be to Waukegan, and our 4th will be out of Chicago Heights. We won’t have to deal with the assholes in Bedford Park until our 6th trip. By that time, what could they really do to us?
Of course, last week the King of All Assholes was working when we picked up our last load. We’d never seen him on that shift. So there is definitely a possibility that he and his fellow assholes will find some way to fuck with us. But at least the week is starting off well.
Yay. After this week, we’ll only have to work one week before our next week off! Great God Almighty, thanks to these assholes in Bedford Park, we desperately need to get away from this job for awhile.

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