Kvetch Session

Just left Bedford Park. It went well. Had a kvetch session with Alex (a security guard whom we’re fond of) and an interesting talk with Linda (a warehouse employee who’s friendly to us). According to Linda, they’re about to lose one of their most major accounts because someone was shipping product on trailers that weren’t clean. So she thinks that they assholes on the first shift (Stan, Pam, etc) are just being hyper-vigilant. If that’s so it would explain a lot. But it still doesn’t explain why they seem so hard to make it seem personal. And it also doesn’t explain why Linda’s eyes bugged out when I finally got her to hear me when I said that they had reject 6 trailers in 6 weeks.
If nothing else, talking to Linda has made me re-think my memo idea. I think it’d do more harm than good. But I still think I need to talk directly to the people who are causing us all these problems.

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