Easter In Dallas, Texas

Easter Sunday

Dallas, Texas. We’ve been here since we left the rail yard. We didn’t expect much to be moving this weekend. USX asked us about re-powering a load last night. We grumbled to ourselves, but told them we’d do it. Then they said they’d already found another truck. Hehe. Dumbasses. I woke up this morning to find a pre-assignment on the satcom; a load that picks up in Dallas and delivers in Houston. About 250 miles. They put a team on this? Of course, with USX this might be punishment for not doing the re-power. But given that it’s Easter, we’ll take what we can get.
I played Star Wars Galaxies a bit yesterday afternoon. Then Mara and I went in and had dinner. It was nice. We actually talked. I feel good about our chances of working out our marital problems. At least now I feel like she wants to. I was beginning to wonder. Anyway, afterwards Mara let me play a little more, and then I turned overt the computer to her for the night.
There’s not much else to report. We’re sitting here with the curtain drawn, enjoying not doing a damned thing. Sure, we’ll be fired up to get off of our asses and go when the time comes. But in the meantime it’s nice to unwind. Hell, I think we’re still unwinding from Ray’s board.

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