New Mexico

New Mexico. I’ve driven a little less than 60 miles. After delivery we have a re-power that will take us back to Texas and into the San Antonio area. We’ve already made sure that we can find wi-fi there in case we sit again. It actually wouldn’t hurt us to sit long enough to do laundry. We should have done that in Dallas or Houston, but neither of us cared enough. Mara played a lot of Everquest II and I a lot of Star Wars Galaxies.
Neither of us are keen to run as hard as we did on Ray’s board. So we’ll run when they want us to, but we’re just as happy to sit. It’s nice to actually hang out together. Husband and wife, friends, instead of just team driving partners. After Mara goes home in May we won’t see much of each other. So I’m going to try to enjoy our last tour of the country together.

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