Northbound Near Macon, Georgia

Northbound on I-75, about 50 miles south of Macon, Georgia. We’ll be picking up a good bit north of Atlanta and going to Shawnee, Kansas (around Kansas City). This one is actually a team load. Once you add in the deadhead from Jax, anyway. At this point, though, neither of us are expecting much from USX. We’re just hoping we can hang on until May, and I’ll run better as a solo. If I run as bad, relatively speaking, I won’t be with USX much longer, either.
Well, Mama’s in the Virgin Islands. It feels so strange to be so out of touch. It’s like I could always feel her presence but now I can’t. I suppose I’ve taken for granted that she’s always been just a phone call away. Now I have some idea what it’d be like to not have her in my life to talk to. I hope she’s having a blast. This really is a trip of a lifetime for her. I’ll always be grateful to Sue’s daughters for asking Mama to go. I can’t wait to hear Mama’s stories.
Notice I haven’t said anything about Mara and I. Things seem to be going pretty good between us of late. I’m afraid I’ll jinx it.

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