Tired In Albuquerque

Albuquerque. Eastbound on I-40. I’m beyond tired. Mara drove us out of California. I should have used her drive time to sleep, but instead I read a large part of Rise of Endymion. I just wasn’t tired. We got plenty of sleep in Hawthorne.
Oh, I haven’t mentioned that mess. Shortly after my last entry, USX canceled our load. So they moved us down from Sacramento (400 miles) to sit for about eight hours and then they canceled the load. I just pulled the sleeper curtain and went to sleep. They finally gave us another load around noon.
Mama called last night. She had just gotten in from the Virgin Islands. She obviously had a grand old time but was too tired to talk much about it. She’s going to call later today to tell me more about it. She did tell me that she brought me back six bottles of rum. Woo hoo! After talking to Mama I felt a lot more positive about a lot of things; especially our upcoming “reconfiguration” in May when Mara stays home and I come out alone. I’m trying to be positive about all this, and about her surgery. Most of the time I pull it off.

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