Mike Engle A Free Man

Mama just called. She said Mike Engle had stopped by to see her. Poor old Mike has been a POW of the U.S. Government’s war on the American people for the last six years or so.
If you sense a little animosity toward the Government over Mike’s incarceration, there’s a reason for that. Mike was arrested for selling cocaine. But in the final analysis Mike’s biggest crime was that he wouldn’t give up names. So he got seven years for a first offense. He had no criminal record. He’d never been arrested. They burned him because he wouldn’t roll over on other people. I respect Mike far more for standing firm and accepting responsibility for his actions without trying to lessen his burden by hurting other people than I ever could the ambitious and upwardly mobile pricks who put him in prison for far longer than he deserved.
Now, I know there are those who might think that Mike Engle got what he deserved. You might think that the best place for drug users and dealers is under the prison. I have something to say to you.
If you’ve ever drank alcohol in any form (beer, liquor, wine, mixed drinks and so on) you’re a damned hypocrite. If you’ve ever drank coffee you’re a damned hypocrite. If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette you’re a damned hypocrite. Why, you may ask? Because you are a drug user. Don’t come back on me with the argument that these drugs are legal. That has nothing to do with it. Someone who is addicted to a legal drug is every bit a drug addict as someone addicted to an illegal one. So the next time you drink a cup of coffee to wake up, or smoke a cigarette to calm your nerves, or relax in the evening by drinking a beer, or take a Tylenol for a headache, you’re a damned hypocrite because you are a drug user. The only difference between you and Mike Engle is that some fat old politician is addicted to the same drugs as you are and he’s just as big of a damned hypocrite.
May you both be cast into the Lake of Fire for your hypocrisy.

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