What Are You? (Niema Dream)

I had a disturbing dream today. I was in some kind of compound. I was a woman and was human, but I was super-human as well. I can’t think of any other way to describe it. As in dreams, I wasn’t me as I know me, but someone else, but it was still me. Know what I mean?
Anyway, there was some kind of conflict going on. Soldiers were in this compound. I specifically remember being in a certain series of buildings. Anyway, I was fighting these soldiers. Not in the traditional military sense. I was wading through the soldiers in this place like I was cutting down wheat with a scythe. I was some kind of killing machine (and I mean “machine” in the figurative sense). I won’t go into boring detail. Suffice it to say that I moved so fast that by the time they reacted to me they were already dead and I had already moved on to the next one. It was a slaughter. I killed dozens in minutes.
Believe it or not, this was not the disturbing part. I had some kind of blood-frenzy going on. I was just going from one to the next to the next to the next, and I cut a swath through a room full of men, and then I suddenly found myself face to face with a priest whom I had pinned against the wall. I stopped when I realized that he was a priest and not a soldier, with my blades inches from his face. What he said is what disturbed me.
He said; “What are you?”
Not who, but what. That’s what frightened me. I didn’t know how to answer him. And as it so happens in dreams, there was a full length mirror on the wall beside me. I looked at myself. I was literally drenched in the blood of the dozens of men I had killed with my blades. So much so in fact that about the only clean part of me were my eyes, which stared out at me from a red, blood-covered face. At that point, it was not only that I didn’t know who I was, exactly, but I didn’t know what I was.
That realization and the horror that accompanied it is what woke me up. I didn’t get back to sleep for a long time.

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