Star Wars Galaxies: Combat Upgrade Apocalypse

Star Wars Galaxies. I trained level 4 flamethrower under Commando last night. I ground just shy of 800k heavy weapons xp yesterday (about 600k on the stormtroopers in Kor Vella. I’m glad I finished branch line out. I’m planning to help Mara get “glowy” when we go home, and this makes Mesu a lot more dangerous. Playing last night was interesting. SWG is implementing an upgrade which looks to be terrible. Players feel that this will change the game for the worse. The atmosphere last night was, I commented to someone, that it felt like Paris during WWII and you knew that the Germans were coming. One guy called it the CUpocalypse (it’s called Combat Upgrade). A lot of people are leaving. It’s that bad.
Anyway, I tried to finish out the flamethrower branch, taking a wait-and-see approach on the upgrade. If this is as bad as it looks, my SWG days may be over. If that’s the case at least I can say that my last good memory of SWG was hunting with guildmates Pery and Dezelle on Endor. I think that’s a good way to end this year-long experience. I should thank Pery and Dez for that.

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