Indiana Corruption

Something else pertaining to the corruption of authorities in regard to truck drivers. The state of Indiana is going to start fining truck drivers $500 for parking on on- and off-ramps along Interstate highways. Oh. Thanks, Indiana. You assholes. There’s not enough parking in your state, so you’re going to fine us if we stop there.
Here’s the corruption. If you will notice, there are a lot of places on those on- and off-ramps where the state has come in and widened the shoulders to accommodate commercial vehicles parking there. So now that they’ve made it easier for trucks to park on those on- and off-ramps they’re going to start fining them $500. I concede that there are issues, but it seems to me that the solution to every problem regarding trucks and truck drivers is addressed with fines. Funny how no one ever tries to solve the problems, but instead cashes in on the situation that truck drivers find themselves in.
We are not the enemy. Some day I hope the authorities stop seeing us as enemies. It’s funny how all these states want the freight, but not the people who bring it in.

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