Steady Stream of Vicodin

Still home. This will definitely be the last day, though. I had two teeth taken out yesterday; a molar and a wisdom tooth. It hurt quite a bit yesterday and I took a steady stream of Vicodin, but after a night’s sleep it feels a lot better. So I think I’ll actually leave tomorrow.
U.S. Xpress has been surprisingly understanding. But I think a lot of that comes from the fact that my dispatcher is on vacation this week. I’ve fallen through the cracks. Of course, they might surprise me once I mention that I’m available. After all, when I set my PTA for 10:00 the other morning (before the tooth went nuts), some asshole from USX called me at 02:30 in the morning wanting me to pick up a load. That’s fairly typical. Anyway, if I still have a job I’ll be leaving tomorrow.
Mara went to the doctor yesterday, too. She thought she was going to get the pin took out of her thumb, but they only took out the stitches. They said the pin had loosened up a bit because she’s been using her hand more than she should have. So she’s stuck with the pin for another four weeks or so. She’s really frustrated about it. But at least they made a new boot for her wrist. It fits better and will probably protect her thumb better than the last wrappings. Mara hasn’t been shy about complaining about her situation, but I think once it fully heals she’ll thank God that she went ahead and had this done.
Well, I need to go check the truck for messages. For all I know USX put a load on me that picked up two hours ago. I’m reluctant to say anything to them because they get so pushy once you say you’re going to be ready to go. For some reason if I say I’ll be ready to go at noon tomorrow, they read that simply as “ready to go.”

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