Dinner With Drivers

Sitting at a truckstop in southern Georgia. Since my last entry I brought a load down from Pennsylvania to Jacksonville, Florida, and then a load over from Jacksonville to Valdosta, Georgia. Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Well, today is. I don’t expect much to move in the way of freight. I’m trying to get Everquest II to patch. I thought I might sign on for a bit a surprise Mara, but the patch is taking so long that I don’t know if I’ll get on. I’m fading fast. I had dinner today with a couple of other USX drivers. Neither were happy with the company. I felt guilty because I’ve been running better than them, but as one pointed out that might change once I get off of this team board and onto a solo one. Anyway, I’m tired and my thoughts are sluggish. I’m going to finish this EQ2 patch and go to bed. Since I figure I won’t be going anywhere on Memorial Day, they’ll probably have something for me. Best to be prepared.

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