Been Sitting A Lot

I didn’t mention the past couple of days. At first there seemed to be no point. Nothing much has happened. I’ve been sitting a lot. Not because I don’t have anything to do, but because I haven’t had the hours to drive. Luckily U.S. Xpress gave me a load that I picked up yesterday that doesn’t deliver until tomorrow morning. So I had a day off, basically. I needed it, too. When I stopped yesterday I only had 3 1/2 hours left, and I only got back 5 1/2 today. I’ll leave here in a little bit and drive what I can today, but will have to run the load in on the hours I’ll be getting back tonight (which is about 8 1/2, I think). They ran me pretty hard lately. I didn’t mind that at all. We need the money. But it was nice to have a break and spend the day online with Mara. I guess now it’s back to the grindstone.

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