Re-Evaluating Solo Driving

I’m at home. USX gave me a load that doesn’t deliver until tomorrow morning in Augusta, Georgia. If I’m going to sit for a day, I might as well do it at home, right?
I’ve really been re-evaluating this whole solo driving thing. I had a pretty good week last week and brought home $606. As great as that sounds, it’s a drop in the bucket beside what we need. This is going to be really hard until Mara gets back to work. To make matter worse, my next paycheck is not going to be all that great. That’s going to hurt. So pretty much I’m looking at this now and thinking that if I’m going to make the kind of wages on the road that I can make at home, there’s really no point on being on the road, is there? Of course, I don’t really know what local job would let me bring home $606 for one week.
We have another problem here at home. Ants. They’ve gotten in the house and they’re everywhere. I told Mara to go get some ant killer, but apparently all she’s done since I left is play Everquest. I told Mama a little while ago that I was going to have to come home to save us from the ants.
All in all, I just have this huge sense of dread about me. I need to be home. Not just because I want to be, but because our lives are in total chaos. The house looks like a rummage sale. There’s so much to be done here, and I could never hope to catch up with any of it unless I was home every night. That’s what it’ll take to get this house back into shape; a prolonged sustained effort, like you can only get by doing a little bit here and there every night and every weekend.
Simply put, being on the road for weeks at a time just doesn’t fit our needs anymore. Now if we can just figure out how to be at home and survive. That’s the trick.

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