Pink Floyd & Live 8

I watched some of MTV and VH-1’s regurgitation of the Live 8 shows that happened the other day. I didn’t really care much about seeing the performances. I don’t need Live 8 to inform me that there are incredible problems in Africa and that Western countries are just not doing enough to help.
I watched because I wanted to catch a glimpse of the Pink Floyd reunion show. Which I did. I was pleased and disappointed at the same time. They sounded great, and from the reviews I’ve seen everyone agrees that the reunited Pink Floyd stole the show. Why, you’d almost think they’d been a real band or something at some point. Of course, with the embarrassing performances of other classic acts (Led Zeppelin, anyone?) during hastily arranged reunion shows, that’s not surprising. Not one expected a lot from a bunch of millionaire Englishmen who hadn’t played together in twenty years.
Suffice it to say that I was impressed by the performance, but disappointed at the obvious tension between Waters and Gilmour. There were a few moments where Waters and Gilmour looked at one other from across the stage like old enemy soldiers looking at each on the battlefield. I even caught a few snarky grins from David Gilmour toward Nick Mason when Waters’ voice wavered during one of his performances (Gilmour has made much of through the years of the fact that Waters is not a great singer, presumably missing the point that he never had to be). Gilmour also tossed cold water on the warm afterglow by telling a reporter that reuniting with Waters for the show was “a bit like sleeping with your ex-wife.”
I don’t think anyone expects that Pink Floyd would ever reunite. Sure, there are those dreamers who would like to see a new album of original music. Those people don’t understand the history of bad blood blood between these people, or they wouldn’t be so naive. Of course, who would have ever thought you’d see Waters and Gilmour on the same stage again? I accepted that this was one moment, and enjoyed it as such. The only damper on the whole thing for me was Gilmour’s typical bullshit. Just the same as Gilmour has had to say about Roger Waters through the years, Waters has had plenty of nasty things to say about his former band mates. But it seemed that Waters was willing to put aside the petty bullshit for one evening. Gilmour, true to form, seemed to be pouting. In the end he couldn’t resist taking a jab at Waters.
It seemed to me that on this particular night Roger Waters came off as seeming like he had a bit of class and maturity, letting the moment speak for itself. David Gilmour acted like a bitch.

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