Dude! Where's My Truck?

Well, life just wasn’t interesting enough. I just talked to Volvo of Hickory. According to the shop foreman there, someone came and picked up my truck today. I called USX, but no one there seems to know anything about it. My dispatcher is on lunch, so I left a message for her to call me back. Right now there are two obvious possibilities. The first is that USX has fired me and sent someone after the truck. The second is that someone has stolen the truck again.
The second possibility is unlikely. So that leaves the likelihood that USX has fired me. Why they waited until now to do it mystifies me. Were they just trying to get the truck repaired first? Did they think I made it all up? And if someone from USX came and got my truck, what about my personal belongings? I didn’t have an awful lot in the truck, but what was in there was mine. What about that?
I’m not going to jump to conclusions. I’m going to talk to my dispatcher first. All I really know is that if USX fired me and recovered that truck, someone had better be coming up with my personal belongings. Otherwise we’re looking at a lawsuit here.

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