How Do You Forget A Truck?

Oddly enough, now I’m angry because this was a false alarm. After I talked to them, Volvo of Hickory called USX and told them that the truck was still there. They had pulled it into the garage to get it out of the rain, and forgot it was in there.
Actually, that’s not what I’m angry about. I talked to my dispatcher and was told that Volvo didn’t repair the broken window because USX decided to have it repaired at a terminal. I sat all weekend so that Volvo could fix that damned window, and I still have to go by a terminal to get it fixed. USX probably figures that I have to bring it in to have my satcom repaired anyway, so what the hell, right? Well, in my experience every item you add to the list of things to be repaired at a terminal means about another 10 hours added to your downtime. I guess that’s what I’m so irritated about. On top of sitting all weekend, I’m now facing additional down-time at a terminal, and we just can’t afford it.
Christ, if it wasn’t for the fact that we only have one car, I’d be gone. I know that I should probably just be grateful that I have a job, but this whole thing just boggles the mind.

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