Finally In The Shop

USX just put me in a bay. Now the real fun begins. The waiting.
Naturally all the interesting people have gone to bed. The only people left in the drivers’ lounge are the blowhards and the Zulu council (that’s what we call the ever-present table of black guys who always seems to be present in Tunnel Hill, discussing how best to deal with the problem of the White Man). It’s going to be a long night. Now I have to decide between listening to Bubba explaining the difference between real truck drivers and steering wheel holders, and listening to Shaka Zulu wannabes’ Nation of Islam inspired ideas about how best to free blacks in the South of their oppression.
Actually, the latter will be the most entertaining. At least Shaka changes topics on occasion. Bubba never does.
And before anyone accuses me of being racist for using terms such as “Zulu Council” and referring to these youngins (they’re usually kids) as “Shaka,” you should probably ask yourself if you were offended that I referred to the white guy as “Bubba.” If you weren’t, then you’re prejudiced. So shut up. If you were offended, then you probably are Bubba. Hehe. Sorry, cuz.

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