GOP: "We Were Wrong"

I’ve had an old USA Today (from last Friday) staring at me all week. Most specifically a story on GOP, titled GOP chief: ‘We were wrong’, has been repeatedly annoying me. I hope that African-Americans can see through this bullshit. Oh, yeah. The Republicans gave up on the idea of receiving the black vote once-upon-a-time. The Republicans blamed the ills of America on the Civil Rights movement and Affirmative Action once-upon-a-time. Has anyone in the African-American community really noticed any change? Today they’re still trying to roll back Affirmative Action, slash programs that help the poor and disadvantaged, and pulling funding for inner-city schools and neighborhoods; all of which disproportionately affect the African-American communities all across the country.
This is classic Orwellian think-speech right out of the Republican playbook. They say one thing, then they do another. It’s only important to them if you believe the lie. If you believe the lie, then the lie becomes the reality; facts be damned.

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