Asshole England Driver

Walton, Kentucky.
I finally got out of the shipper around 11:00. I was there for over thirteen hours. I still don’t know what happened. The lady last night told me that they had run out of trailers and that my load would be put on the trailer I brought in. But when my load was ready, it was on a different trailer. So I have no idea why I sat there so long. I’m hoping USX might fork out some detention pay for once. I won’t get my hopes up, though.
I just about got killed as I was leaving. I was going back inside to use the bathroom before I left and as I stepped around the truck I was almost ran over by an England driver. I’d heard his truck, but I thought he was pulling up beside me to park. I jumped back out of the way and my foot slipped out from under me (it had rained all morning). I twisted some things that should probably not have been twisted. I don’t think that England asshole ever even saw me. He had a cellphone glued to his head. He probably never saw how close he came to hitting my truck, either. I was so mad I picked up a rock and threw it at him. I dinged his truck, but he didn’t stop.
Anyway, I came down this way to weigh out. Good thing I did. My drives were over by about 1,500 pounds. While I was coming down this way USX re-set my delivery appointment for 08:00 on the 31st. Five days from now! Egads. So I parked here until I could find out more about what they intended to do with it. So far that hasn’t been very satisfying. All I got out of my dispatcher was “we’ll drop it somewhere in Pennsylvania.” Hmmm. I was kind of hoping we could narrow that down a bit.
The problem is that the weekend crew is notoriously hard to get a drop number out of. What I was hoping on was that I could get a drop number from someone before the regular crew left for the weekend, or at least get a location where I’d be dropping the load. That hasn’t worked out. My dispatcher asked me if I wanted to drop it at the Medway terminal in Ohio. I laughed at that. No, thanks. I know I’d definitely be sitting there over the weekend.
So I guess I’ll be taking my chances with the weekend crew. I hope it goes well. At this point I’ve already been fucked over so much that if anything else happens (such as me not being able to get a drop number out of these people), I’m done. Mara and I are in a very real danger of losing our house because I’m just not making any money out here. We’re maintaining, but that’s not good enough. All the problems with the truck threw us behind. And if USX can’t deliver miles for me, I have no choice but to go home. We can’t afford for me to stay out here.

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