Neck And Lower Back Pain

I think I’m just going to stay here tonight and leave in the morning. I never got anything of substance out of USX, so I guess I’m in no real hurry. My neck and lower back is really hurting me. I’ve kind of down-played it to Mara because I don’t want her to worry, but I have my concerns. Mostly about my neck. I still haven’t forgotten all those weeks I had to drive with my left arm practically inert because it hurt my neck to move. I haven’t forgotten how long it took me to get to where I could move my head from side to side without pain. It bothers me to this day, and changed the way I sleep. Now this. On top of everything else, we didn’t need this.
Anyway, I’ll bed down tonight and see what happens in the morning. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will leave me feeling better. I’ll head out in the morning and drop the load “somewhere in Pennsylvania” tomorrow afternoon or evening. I should still be able to get another 500 to 1,000 miles in on this week. We’re still good.

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