Stir Crazy

I’m already going a little stir crazy here, and I just got up. I’ve asked USX if it’s necessary for us to stay here in this staging area. How does it work when FEMA decides where we’re going? Do they tell USX and then USX tells us? Or do they tell us directly? In other words, unless some FEMA rep is going to knock on my door and tell me in person that I need to go to a certain place, what’s the point in sitting here? If they’re going to relay that information through USX, I could sit anywhere. I could go to a truckstop and wash clothes. They’ve provided access to a shower down in a couch’s office behind a football field (we’re in the parking lot of a middle school), but that doesn’t help if you have no clean clothes. Who wants to shower and put back on dirty clothes? Plus, there’s about twenty trucks out here, and we’re all supposed to share one bathroom with one shower.
It’ll take my dispatched about three hours to get back to me, probably, and even then she’ll most likely just say she doesn’t know. To my knowledge there are no FEMA reps here that I could ask. I guess I’ll put on my clothes in a bit and wander around. Someone might know. I’d hate to just assume that I have to sit here in this parking lot when I could relocate to a truckstop where there’s washers and dryers, food and entertainment (yes, I mean EQ). I don’t mind sitting, but I don’t see a point in sitting here. They have my cellphone number.

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