FEMA Disorganization

My dispatcher finally wrote me back. She doesn’t know anything. Of course. It’s not like we’re under guard or anything. If I want to leave, I could just leave. But no one can tell me what FEMA’s procedures are. The people I talked to last night when we changed over the paperwork didn’t seem to know jack shit about the way trucking works. Sometimes I think they’re making it up as they go along. I should have asked specific questions. Who is going to let me know where I’m going, and how? Are they going to knock on my door? Are they going to call my cellphone? All with the point being to determine if it’s necessary for me to sit in this staging area with all these other trucks. If they’re going to call me on my cellphone, I could as easily wait down the road at a truckstop. But if they’re going to knock my door, then I need to be here at this location.
No one seems to know. That’s what’s driving me crazy. I don’t want to sit here bored out of my mind when I could be sitting at a truckstop, where I could wash clothes and maybe distract myself with some EQ. Unless FEMA is just so disorganized that they can only think of forcing drivers to sit at a location where they can find them if they need them, I don’t see a point in sitting here. But I’m not about to just drive off.

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