A Break From The Nightmare

Just talked to USX’ hurricane center. They told me that if there was no one here to object to my leaving, they didn’t have a problem with it. Of course, they kind of want me to go wash my clothes and come back. I didn’t mention that I’d like to get in some EQ2 time. As I promised, I’ll poke around out here and see if there’s anyone I can ask anything. Right now it doesn’t look like there is. There’s just a bunch of confused USX drivers. I guess I’d be happy with getting my clothes washed. At least then I wouldn’t feel like such a skank. I guess I could head over to the Flying J and wash my clothes, then get in maybe an hour or so of EQ2 and come back. The EQ2 part certainly isn’t important. I just want to get my mail and have a little break from the nightmare of being a truck driver.

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