$160 In The Hole

I just looked at our checking account online and just about hyper-ventilated. We’re $160 in the hole, and it may very well get much worse. If it gets worse, it will be thanks to Mara. Knowing our situation, it appears that yesterday she used her CheckCard to buy something for $3.23 from Nestle Tollhouse, $5.74 from Villa Pizza and $6.78 from ShowMars (all in Charlotte), as well as $6.00 for something in Concord. I mention this is such detail because it’s very possible that we will be charged a $34 NSF fee for each one of those transactions. Just those four would mean that we might go an additional $136 into the hole.
What the fuck is wrong with Mara? Has she not been keeping up with the balance of our checking account at all?

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