Kinda Down

Kinda down now. Looks like Epes is going to strong-arm me. Dude told me there was nothing in my info about wanting to go home early. Whut? They brought it up in a fleet message saying that if you wanted to work Thursday and Friday to let your dispatcher know, inferring that you’d otherwise be sent home early. Or at least that was my read of it. I figured that explained why they wouldn’t let me drop this load, because they were positioning me to get me home.
Apparently I was wrong. It’s no real surprise to find out that the pretty speech the owner made in orientation about “family” being the number one priority was just pretty words. Given the unexpected bonus of a few extra days home at Christmas, I thought he might have meant it. But in the end, it’s still all about the money. I guess for a little bit there I had hoped that this once it could be different.

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