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First Impressions & Mara's Friends

Mara and I went to the movies tonight to see Underworld: Evolution. I would say that we went with some friends of hers (A.J. and Nicky), but I don’t know if that would be entirely correct. They sat on the same row as us. That was about it. Hehe.
I had looked forward to meeting Mara’s friends, but they acted like they were afraid of me. When the movie was over, they got up without a word and walked out. Mara and I kind of looked at each other, but assumed we would see them in the lobby. But they weren’t in the lobby. We found them outside. Mara asked Nicky what we were doing and Nicky said “I’m going home,” and that was pretty much the end of it.
Well, I didn’t expect that we’d go out partying or anything, and wasn’t disappointed that we didn’t go out to eat (Mara and I really can’t afford it), but I didn’t expect that the sum total of words that they said to me would clock in at between 10-15 words. Even Mara had to admit that they acted a little weird.
Oh, well. I’d say the first impression didn’t go well. Mara tells me that they consider themselves to be what Mara and I call “scary people,” (insert irony) which means that they’re tragically hip, and approve of their own perceived eclectic tastes and twisted humor/sensibilities. I imagine to them I must have seemed old. I have shaggy hair. And *gasp* I’m a truck driver.
Okay, I’m not being fair. I don’t know what they thought of me or why they acted the way they did. Whatever the reasons behind it, I thought they were rather rude, and I wasn’t greatly impressed. No real harm done. I’d be glad to do it again sometime. In my view, I went out with Mara, saw a pretty good movie, and got out of this damned house for a bit. Whether or not her friends were there was irrelevant.

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