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I’ve made up my mind about how far back I want to go with my blog. Blogger will let you go back to 1990 (my journal started in Dec. 1986). I started posting some 1990 entries and stopped. They were so stupid I couldn’t bear it. I don’t know who that person is. In a very real sense, who I am today started after Faith and the debacle in Florida. Quite frankly, I’m embarrassed by the person I was before I moved to Florida in 1991.
So I don’t know. I might feel different about it if I were going back to 1986 putting it all up. I think maybe my blog should start with my sister Tanya’s death. That really was when things began to change. And right after that I moved to Florida with Faith. I guess I could always put the thing prior to that in a separate thing.
Anyway, that’s going to be the dividing line. The division between Kevin and Wicasta. That makes sense.

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