Freedom From Responsibility

Gods. Americans are stupid.
I’m going to add something to the neglected rant page about the whining over students getting into trouble over Facebook and MySpace type web sites. Morons. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from responsibility. You want to say or do something stupid, you have to own it. Posting personal information on the Internet is no different than tacking it to a bulletin board downtown.
I’m reminded of these young girls who go into public places where almost nothing, with the bottoms of their ass cheeks hanging out of their shorts, or their pants so low-cut you can see the swell of their pubic mound, or showing so much cleavage that you wonder what’s keeping them from popping out. They sashay around like little succubi until they attract attention from someone other than their intended target, and then it’s “what are you looking at?” God bless truck drivers. They have some of the funniest come-backs to that question. “I’m looking at what God gave you, ma’am, and thank you for showing it to all of us.”
This Facebook and MySpace crap is the same thing. Gods, what a bunch of idiots. You think that because you consider your page to be personal that no one but your friends are going to look at it? Surprise, sunshine. It’s not private if you post it on the fucking Internet. This is about as stupid as some idiot posting his credit card numbers on his web page and then complaining when people start charging things with it.
What has happened to this country? Every generation seems to get dumber. We’re a nation of idiots. Yeah. You’re only allowed to look at some young woman’s half-naked ass if you’re a part of the intended demographic. You’re only supposed to read my blog if I know you. Jesus. Americans are suffering from brain-rot.

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