Mama And The Emergency Room

Mara had to take Mama to the emergency room tonight. Mama is complaining of stomach pains and throwing up. I am deeply disturbed by both my and Mara’s reaction to this. I initially made a joke about Mama’s sometimes margarine-heavy cooking giving me stomach pains, as well. Mara has been complaining loudly in text messages to me about having to get out of bed to take Mama out there.
What the fuck is wrong with us? When did we come to have so little empathy for another human being? I know Mama can be a pain in the ass, and she’s always complaining about one thing or another being wrong. But as I pointed out to Mara, it’s not like Mama goes to the ER on a weekly basis.
Right now my heart really goes out to Mama. She’s living with two Cylons and doesn’t even know it. Mara has said some things that chilled me to the bone. At one point she said that she hoped it was something serious to make it worth Mama getting her out of bed. My exact response to Mara to that was “that’s fucked up.” But to myself I thought “That’s twisted. That’s sick.”
Hopefully Mara won’t have to eat those words. I don’t know that I could ever feel the same way about her then.

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