ADATs & Recording

Scrambling to make my pick-up. I left several hours later than I intended. Now it’s going to be a hustle to make delivery on time. Can most likely do it with no sweat if there are no problems. Right now I’m mostly thinking about something else, though.
I won an Alesis ADAT XT-20 on eBay last night. I feel like a dumbass for even bidding on it. But it’s done. These things cost $2,500 new. I paid $176 for this one. Assuming it works like it should, I’ve just taken a step towards that studio I’ve been aching for all these years.
I know we could get into all sorts of semantic arguments about sampling resolutions. I realize that ADATs have their limitations. But I figure that most people listen to their music on CDs or mp3s. I don’t think most people would hear the difference anyway if I recorded at a higher resolution (the mystical 96 kHz as opposed to the ADAT’s maximum of 48 kHz – just for reference, a CD’s resolution is 44.1 kHz and an mp3’s is a little less).
So, put simply, since it looks like SACD and DVD-Audio are never going to be more than formats for audiophiles, I can probably make do with CD quality. Quite frankly, the higher resolutions are out of my reach. I have to choose between recording at the lower resolution or not recording at all.

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