Countrywide Harassment

Well, the maggots at Countrywide Home Loans are trying another tactic of harassment with us. We just got a letter that says that they’ve become aware that our home is vacant, and that they’ll therefore have to add vacancy coverage to our loan, and that the monthly payment for the loan will increase.
Needless to say, the house is not vacant. This is just another load of bullshit from these maggots, and other attempt to drive up our monthly payment to punish us.
As I’ve told Mara, we can expect them to pull every underhanded trick they can to foreclose on the house. Or failing that, to do everything they can to possibly harass us. That’s how Countrywide works.
Well, I’ve recommended turning this over to Mara’s lawyer. We should, of course, respond to it via registered mail (so they couldn’t say that they didn’t get this, as well, like they claimed they didn’t get our house payment and then used that to file a motion for the dismissal of the stay against them), as well as ask Mara’s lawyer to address it and respond to it.
I think we should also bring this to the attention of Mara’s bankruptcy trustee to document Countrywide’s harassment. It certainly wouldn’t hurt our case the next time in court to have documentation of all the nasty little things that Countrywide has tried to pull.

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