That One Trick Nerve

Our new neighbors are getting all over that one trick nerve that I have. They started out being friendly and helping Mama weed her garden. But they stepped on my toes the other week when they cut the grass. Now they’re talking about trimming our bushes and washing the mildew off of the house. I told Mama this is beginning to smack of somebody trying to improve the looks of their own property by cleaning up that of their white trash neighbors.
Look, I know the house and the yard look bad. It got that way because Mara and I were doing long haul for six years and were never home long enough to make a dent. This spring and summer is going to be the first time in six years that I’m going to be home every weekend. I intend to take full advantage of that. So I resent that anyone would presume to get to it before I do. The new neighbors may not intend to be pushing mx buttons, but they certainly are.

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