Text Message Spat With Mara

I had a spat with Mara over text messaging today. What started it was mentioned in the last post. This happened after that. I’ll simply post the exchange verbatim.

16:12:41 Wic: I’m not sure how bugging the shit out of people that won’t tell me anything, like Countrywide and Regina, translates to me being chickenshit.

19:10:21 Mara: Huh?

19:16:31 Wic: Mama said you told her I was chickenshit.

19:17:32 Mara: Er. Okay.

19:18:08 Wic: I take it she made that up?

19:19:00 Mara: I don’t remember saying that, but I remember admiring your clean up job.

19:20:07 Wic: She asked you about the consent order and you told her I could find out about this stuff if I wasn’t chickenshit.

19:21:50 Mara: Don’t you have a copy?

19:22:33 Wic: As for the cleanup job, it’s the same one I did after you left. There’s been no one around to mess it up.

19:23:21 Mara: Fine. Go be bitter.

19:25:11 Wic: Yes. I have a copy. I think Mama’s question was about how they could file it on May 17th but expect me to pay by May 1st.

19:26:00 Mara: Honest answer. I don’t know.

19:33:37 Wic: How can I not be (bitter)?I had a chance to keep the house. If I’d gotten any accurate information from you, I could have worked it out.

19:36:02 Mara: What crucial information am I in possession of that you aren’t?

19:37:04 Wic: What I paid Verizon and that insurance was a house payment.

19:38:39 Mara: I’ll own up to the insurance but I think you’d better check Verizon again. April’s bill I am not solely responsible for.

19:39:05 Wic: I wouldn’t resent the insurance so much if I hadn’t known all along that you had $300 in a savings account.

19:40:11 Mara: March, actually, since April’s hasn’t been paid yet.

19:42:25 Mara: Let me think … 130 insurance. 471 phone. gee you’re right. I broke the bank.

19:43:46 Wic: Redirection is not going to change the fact that you let me pay insurance you had the money for.

19:44:05 Wic: And I’ve never said Verizon’s bill was all yours. But I *have* noticed that you haven’t offered any money on the part that is.

19:45:36 Wic: Verizon and insurance was a house payment, which I paid because you were telling me house payments would resume in June.

19:46:51 Wic: You didn’t get that from Regina. She’d already done the paperwork and knew a payment was due in May.

19:51:41 Wic: As for Verizon in April, you need to look at the bill.Your part of the bill is over $200.That’s mostly calls to Vancouver.

19:59:08 Wic: Well, you got your wish. They’re going to foreclose on the house.

20:00:46 Wic: You got your other wish, too. You said this would be easier if I hated you. Well, I wish you nothing but pain and torment.

20:28:21 Mara: I wish you nothing but love and happiness. I hope one day you find it.

20:36:29 Wic: Hehe. Richard Pryor was right.

We had another exchange after this in Yahoo! Messenger. When I got home I found out from the neighbors that Mama was in the hospital. She fell from the back porch and hit her head on a rock. I told Mara I would see her in Yahoo! Messenger to let her know.
Well, I logged in and tried to be civil. Then Mara said “Wait a minute. Weren’t you being extremely evil to me a few hours ago?” After that we were off again. I don’t have that log because I didn’t think to copy it. But it was much of the same, like what I listed above. I ended it by telling her that I hoped she got back into therapy, because her wiring is all fucked up.

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