Home With Mama

My last day at home. I’ve been here since Wednesday. Well, I ran up to Charlotte Thursday morning to deliver, but insisted Epes let me come back. This was because of Mama’s fall.
Speaking of that, she’s doing well. I should really write everyone who has sent well wishes. She’s okay. She’s got lots of bruises and a few nasty bumps, but she’s as stubborn as ever and getting around fine. The thing with Mama is that she’ll whine loudly about whatever ails her, but she never stops going. I hope I’m like that when I’m 73. Well, at least the “never stops going” part.
I feel like I’ve wasted my time at home. I keep thinking that I should have started packing. But realistically, I couldn’t have done that if I wanted to. I don’t have any boxes to put my things into. Even if I did and could pack everything, I can’t afford a storage building right now. So it’s all sort of a moot point.
What did I do this weekend?
Well, nothing that I can point to. I sat in front of my computer a lot. I checked my e-mail a lot. I tinkered around on the Internet. Looked up things. Posted to The Watch. Posted comments on Claire’s and Agnon’s pages. Started updating my Artwork section. Posted a few more chapters of M.E. Caldwell. But really nothing to account for an entire weekend.
I talked to a dispatcher at Epes on Saturday. He asked me if I hadn’t known about the pre-plans they had put on me. I told him I had not. I never got hold of my weekday dispatcher on Friday and he didn’t call me back. That was the last I heard from Epes until Saturday. I should have run the weekend, and I would have if it had not been for Memorial Day. After talking to the guy at Epes on Saturday, it proved to be a good choice to sit tight. From what I heard, Epes put a load on me Friday that would have sent me to Mississippi, but had no plans beyond that. I told the weekend dispatcher that I had volunteered to work the weekend, but figured I had fallen through the cracks when I hadn’t heard from them. He said they didn’t have any freight anyway. So apparently what was going to happen was that I was going to be sent to Mississippi, where I would sit over Memorial Day. I’d rather sit at home.

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