Countrywide Confirmation Numbers

I’ve been doing some research tonight. I think Countrywide may have me by the short hairs. I thought that by paying the house payment and the arrearage by phone, the draft would go through quicker and it’d be a whole lot harder for them to say “Oh, we never got your check.” After all, they gave me confirmation numbers.
Well, that doesn’t mean shit. There are plenty of accounts on the Internet of Countrywide giving people confirmation numbers for payments made by phone and then claiming they never received a payment. So I assume what they’re going to do is sit on this and then claim they’re legally allowed to foreclose on the house. How do you pay someone when they won’t take the fucking payment?
We’ll see. They might surprise me. But if they surprise me, it’lls surprise me. Know what I mean?
Sheesh. I need some sleep.
Hey, anyone interested in a class action lawsuit against Countrywide Home Loans?

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