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Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m at the Epes terminal, hoping to get my air conditioning fixed. I finally reached critical mass. I just can’t stand the heat anymore. How do you sleep when it’s 100° outside? Yesterday was a good example. I delivered my load and hadn’t had much sleep, but figured I’d get some sleep at the next customer (a place that always takes awhile). But every time I laid down in the sleeper I would immediately break out into a heavy sweat. The only way I could stay halfway cool was to sit in the driver’s seat so that I could get a little of the breezes.
I stopped by the house on the way up to Raleigh to take a shower. I was that nasty. Then I sat out in the heat all morning today. Now I’m nasty again. Gotta have that A/C!
I talked to Mama. She’s kind of upset. She found out from the City (Kings Mountain) that because Mara consistently paid the power bill late, they’re going to make Mama pay a deposit and a month in advance to get her power turned on in her apartment. She’s upset about it. All the recent tension is getting to her. I need to work the weekend to build up some money, but Mama wants me to come home. She said “I don’t want to have to face all this (the problems and moving) by myself.”
Countrywide still hasn’t posted my payments. I’ve alerted Mara that they’re probably maneuvering to foreclose on the house. She said she would call her lawyer and tell her, but really all we can do is wait and see what they’re going to do.
I had pretty much been talking out of selling the house to that guy the neighbors introduced me to. But right now that’s looking better and better. Especially since all the people who were saying “Lord, Wic should sell the house for more than that” are now saying “Wic should have sold it when he had the chance.” Argh!
We’ll see. A lot will depend on what Countrywide does. If I can buy a little time I might try to get more money out of the house. If not, I may very well take what I can get and bail, just to blacken Countrywide’s eye.
Maybe I’ll win the lottery. I’d love that. I’d spend every bit of it harassing the maggots at Countrywide.

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