Leaving Kissimmee

Just leaving Kissimmee, FL. Going to pick up a load in Lee that goes to Statesville, NC. That means I’m going to have a damned good paycheck next week. Hey! Another house payment! Hehe. This is a good thing. At the rate I’m going’ I’ll be able to catch my breath by August. I’ll be caught up and even ahead on my bills, and I’ll even be putting money into Savings again. All this on my one paycheck. Someone please tell me why we weren’t able to make it with two paychecks.
Hell, someone tell me why we grossed almost $100,000 in 2004 and the only recording equipment we could afford for me to buy was a $100 drum machine I bought off of eBay? However it sounds, I’m not being negative. I’m excited about the future. Now maybe at last I can finally just get on with it.

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