The Bitch Is Back

I just figured I would post something as a symbolic act of defiance to show that my blog is not only back up, but it’s intact. Well, except for the obvious missing images. I’m working on those. If you’ve visited my blog lately, you no doubt noticed that not only was it gone, but the… Continue reading The Bitch Is Back

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Rebuilding (Again)

It seems that the one tradition I’ve never been able to get away from at is the necessity to constantly upgrade the web site.  Most often it’s by choice, because I don’t like the way something looks or works. But this time, it’s because my server was hacked and everything on all but two… Continue reading Rebuilding (Again)

The Watch Returns and Proves That’s It Is Decidedly Hard To Kill

Hello, all. I figured I should make a post and let everyone know that The Watch was back up and running. If any of you checked the web site recently, you no doubt know that Windhaven Network’s servers were hacked, and the content of all but two of their domains were deleted. The Watch was… Continue reading The Watch Returns and Proves That’s It Is Decidedly Hard To Kill

The Traveling Wildebeests

Lately I’ve been playing bass for a band called The Traveling Wildebeests, which I figure warrants a mention here. I’ve also been playing lead guitar for the Just In Time Band. Sooner or later there’ll probably be a conflict, but until there is I’m going to play with both bands. The guys in both bands… Continue reading The Traveling Wildebeests

Return To The Machine

I just got my desktop computer on the Internet. Which seems a little strange, actually. This is my DAW (digital audio workstation), which I didn’t want to connect to the Internet, but I have to admit that it’ll be nice to be able to just upload stuff instead of putting it on my flashcard and… Continue reading Return To The Machine

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